Women’s Circles

Would you like to make time to…?

…share what’s going on in your life and how you’re feeling

…connect with other women in a friendly and relaxing environment

…make time for yourself, fill your tank and take a step back from daily life

…discuss subjects that are important to you as a woman

…embrace life, laugh and bathe in fantastic company

Circles are simply meet-ups for women where we sit down, talk to each other, listen and exchange stories about each other’s lives. We pause to reflect, process and gain insight into our lives. We learn from each other and share our wisdom, mistakes and experiences.

There’s usually a weekly theme but always time for free-flowing conversation. We may also explore relaxation techniques, visualisations and breathwork.

There’s nothing complicated or mysterious about Women’s Circles - they are purely women getting together to share time and relax together. In this age of nuclear families, social media and individualism, circles are the antidote to feeling separate.

Expect to leave each circle meeting feeling uplifted, lighter and reassured that you’re not on your own.

Welcome to our community.

Circle facilitator

Why women’s circles?

I’ve been wanting to set up women’s circles ever since my old book club evolved into a wonderfully nourishing women’s circle. We all got so much out of meeting and talking regularly, despite being from totally different backgrounds, at different life stages and having different interests.

My intention is to bring women together to make new connections, gain strength from one another and share our wisdom… plus to have a good laugh, share our experiences and truths and generally revel in each other’s company.

“We shine when we move, nourish and connect with our bodies, our self and with other people”


JANINE, 15.9.22

I’m still new to this whole world of circles but I’m enthralled. So I’m reading a lot about different types of women’s circles, how to structure/lead them and what they can achieve.

Here are some thoughts/reflections about how I envisage our new Newbury circles. Not all circles are the same but the principles are similar.

See what you think… what appeals? What turns you off? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts and share them here too. Email me with any comments: [email protected]


Put it simply, circles are an ancient way to gather people in order to connect, communicate, share and process life in an open and authentic way. There are different types of circles - professional, healing/spiritual, community and wisdom circles but really, they all harness the power of group wisdom to help individuals and communities flourish.

Circles are not coaching/counselling/therapy sessions. Each individual is responsible for themselves and there is no judgement/advice offered. Individuals share their experiences, the circle listens and receives in an open non-judgemental way.

These Newbury Women's Circles a co-created circle where everybody takes equal involvement in shaping the circle, choosing themes/ideas to focus on and helps to lead the circle in a healthy way.


Ultimately, for yourself. To invest in yourself and to allow yourself to grow, evolve and transform. Not that you're not perfect how you are! ...but really, it's healthy to grow and change and feel whole, more true, more human, more YOU.

"For me, becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn’t end.”

Michelle Obama, Becoming


We sit, we get to know each other, we take turns to talk and listen. EVERYBODY has their turn to talk and listen. Through authentic sharing, magic arises. Members can truly speak and are truly heard. This may not sound powerful when you read this, but when you experience being truly heard, you will feel empowered, vulnerable, strong and wonderfully human all at the same time.

There’s a very simple structure to each meeting and each member will be encouraged from the start to think about whether they wish to lead sessions in the future. We want this circle journey to be the beginning of a new and life-long adventure.

Edy, 21.09.22

Edy was wondering what she had to bring to Women’s Circles or what she would get out of them. Here are her thoughts…