I love nothing better than when a client comes back to earth from their massage and feeds back lovely things to me.

Here are a couple of recent ones that stick in my mind. I’ve broken them down by type of treatment just to give a sense of how differently (or not!) they affect people.


💬 “I feel like I’ve been taken apart, massaged, fixed and put back together again.”

💬 “It’s like nothing else I’ve known... I feel like a new person.”

“I didn’t realise how much tension I was holding... I’m going to be nicer to my body now”

💬 “It’s like having yoga done to you. Wayyy better than having to do it myself!”

💬 “Everybody should have this”

💬 “Can I live here?”


💬 “That is undeniably the best massage I’ve ever had.”

💬 “You combine the science and the art perfectly”

💬 “Everybody needs a Janine”

💬 “I don’t want to move.”


💬 “I think I nodded off”

💬 “That is like nothing else. My body has been crying out for that”

💬 “I felt tingles in my neck like all the tension was fading”

💬 “I can’t remember the last time I felt that relaxed” (I hear this A LOT)

Want to feed back?

If you are en existing client and would like to add to this list of lovely words, please send me your experiences and I’ll publish them. If you haven’t visited me for a treatment before, email jfordtherapies@gmail.com to book in and see what you think for yourself.