Beer yoga

Beer is relaxing, sociable and delicious - just like yoga. Yes, ok ‘beer yoga’ may sound like a fad and isn’t totally in-line with many ancient yogic virtues but let’s get real: not everybody is interested in the spiritual side of yoga and nobody is perfect. Should this mean they can’t enjoy the benefits of moving, breathing and stretching regularly?

I believe that yoga can be whatever you want it to be. It’s a toolkit that can be used in many (very useful!) ways. As a yoga teacher, I want to share these tools with as many people as possible, whoever they are and whatever their ability/age/background/gender.

Taking yoga to pubs, breweries and spaces where yoga isn’t normally practiced can help demystify what yoga is and introduce it to people who might normally shun anything weird/hippy/alternative. Yes yoga can be all these things. It can also be simple, down to earth, enjoyable, invigorating, calming, comforting and wonderful.

Is it safe to drink and do yoga?

Yes, if done appropriately. We won’t down pints and do handstands. Classes are tailored to students and setting. We move (and drink) slowly, carefully and responsibly.

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Friendly, relaxing and thirst quenching, beer yoga brings everybody together to stretch and sip.