Now, more than ever, massage and the power of touch is needed. It’s the perfect antidote to life in lockdown. I will guide you through simple and easy to remember techniques without any special equipment required. All you’ll need is a couple of cushions, towels or blankets plus a massage medium of your choice (eg, coconut oil, moisturiser etc). Most importantly, I encourage students to tap into a meditative mindset so you can focus on generating ‘loving kindness’ to your partner. The goal is to help you reconnect, relax and share time together in a meaningful way. The following workshops will be available: ➡️ Refexology (feet) ➡️ Indian head massage including face massage ➡️ Back with oil (Swedish massage) ➡️ Back without oil (Thai yoga massage style) ➡️ Self massage (a combination of techniques to treat your body) Price: £20 Workshops take place on Zoom and last 90 minutes. Email to save your space and receive payment details and Zoom invitation. Participants will need: Towels Massage oil and/or moisturiser Cushions/pillows and blankets Further instructions will be sent once you’re registered.
Simple but powerful techniques for you to use with your loved ones
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Massage at home workshops
Coming soon.... May 2020