Due to the current situation with Covid-19, all face-to-face classes are suspended until further notice. To help cure cabin fever and support you to maintain your regular yoga practice, classes are now available online using Zoom & YouTube. I offer: > regular yoga classes  > low-cost 1-2-1s > additional free classes Class descriptions SLOW FLOW: Slow but powerful yoga for those with some yoga experience and no serious injuries or movement restrictions. GENTLE/BEGINNERS: Very gentle yoga that will still challenge your to stretch, move and strengthen whilst staying serene and breathing well. Perfect for those with injuries or movement restrictions. CALM YOGA: Centre yourself. Slow down. Pause. Breathe. Super chilled yoga to shift your CNS to rest & digest and detox your brain. CIRCUITS: Fast-paced, intense yoga workout to put fire in your belly. ◻️ 30-MINUTE CLASSES: Yoga Circuits & other ad-hoc classes will be charged at £6 drop-in. Free for 5-class pass holders. To request payment details, sign up to a class or ask about reduced rates, please email me at [email protected] Janine Ford Therapies & Yoga on YouTube For inspiration, research or just pure enjoyment, I’ve pout together playlists of my favourite yoga- and massage-related YouTube videos.
Online yoga
Stretch at home on Zoom & YouTube
Mondays Noon - Gentle/beginners 5pm - Slow Flow Tuesdays 6pm - Calm yoga YouTube Yoga circuits, chair yoga & more See below for class descriptions