How to practice yoga at home

Yoga can be practiced anywhere. You don’t need special clothes or even a mat. You can even do yoga in bed.

Different aspects or ‘limbs’ of yoga offer different ways to practice: through breath, movement, meditation, lifestyle choices and concentration. You can practice any one limb or combine practices to experience the benefits yoga: health, balance and less suffering in your life and relationships.

If you want to get the benefits of a yoga class without leaving your lounge, here are some ideas to get you started:

~ Create a peaceful, clean and comfortable space. Ideally, a clutter-free area with nice lighting and plenty of room to move your arms and legs around without breaking furniture or yourself!

~ If you are doing more dynamic yoga you should invest in the right kind of mat (to avoid slipping and injuring yourself). You want a proper yoga mat rather than a spongy gym mat. Ekotex ‘sticky mats’ are really reasonable and good quality.

~ Take a moment to think about your intention for your practice. Do you want to relax or build strength? Is your neck or back stiff? Which areas of your body need attention? Do you just need to find stillness and rest? Once you have a clear idea of what you want to get from yoga, use YouTube to search for videos which match your intention.

~ Make time at the end of your session to rest in savasana (corpse pose). This is your time to be completely present, listen into your body and reflect on how your practice has made you feel.

~ Keep a yoga journal. Grab a notebook and write down how you felt after your practice. What did you find difficult/interesting/enjoyable? Jot down what you’d like to do more or less of next time so the intention for your next practice is already lined up.

~ If your interest and curiosity in yoga grows, then it might be worth signing up to try some classes. Always ask the teacher for advice if you’re unsure about the level or style of class. Trying a few different teachers and styles to explore which you prefer can also help you find a class you love.

Yoga has an infinite wealth of wisdom to offer us all, no matter what stage you’re at. There’s always an amazing yoga journey ahead. Good luck and enjoy.

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